How To Get Confidence Like All WWE Superstars

In order to be successful in your life, all you need is some confidence. Be it the politicians, the lawyers, the movie stars and our wrestlers, all of the mentioned professionals have one thing common and that is, CONFIDENCE. Continue reading


Brie Bella : Amazing Facts about the Prettier Bella

This time the spot light is on our gorgeous diva BRIE BELLA! *Crowd cheers and applauds*Just as crafty as she is charming, this half-Mexican, half-Italian excellence showed up on ECW, WWE NXT, and both Smack-down and Raw, where she collaborated with her doppelganger sister in both love and war. Continue reading


Seth Rollins: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Our star of the moment, Seth Rollins is under our spotlight for today. Seth Rollins started his profession as an independent wrestler who squandered no time in making an impact in the world of sports entertainment. Continue reading


Catherine Joy : Pretty Lana A Frivolous Star

WWE diva Lana real name Catherine Joy plays a fascinating role in the present WWE entertainment. She is the International Social Ambassador to WWE Superstar Rusev. Born in a rich Russian family, Lana’s neighbors were ex-presidents, ambassadors and other dynamic political figures. Continue reading


WWE Dean Ambrose : 4 Amazing Facts About This Beasty Athlete

WWE Dean Ambrose is a dangerous man. He likes living on the edge. The lunatic fringe started his way to WWE with an audacious career on the independent scene, remarkable for his ability both to ingest and distribute pain in equal measures. Continue reading


Saraya Jade Bevis: Pretty Diva of WWE Paige

Original name Saraya Jade Bevis, ring name Paige. The 22 year old English wrestler made her debut in WWE in 2011. But that’s not where it all begins. Her mum, Julia Hemmer Bevis wrestled when she had Paige in her womb during the 7th month. Continue reading