Chris Jerico: Six Funtastic Facts about Y2J

The living legend ‘Chris Jerico Y2J’ who is considered larger than life is under our perusal today. This Canadian-American cynosure is known for his out of this world, super star persona- dubbed ‘The Ayatolla of Rock n Rolla’. Continue reading


Wrestling Gossips: WWE Real Life Couples

WWE Real Life Couples; Well that’s true I guess, we find love in a hopeless place but WWE with holds countless love cases between the famous Wrestlers  and the Oh so beautiful Diva’s. So today, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to look at the WWE in another perspective and a very different view. Continue reading


WWE Shawn Michaels News : 10 things you didn’t know about HBK

The deepest, darkest secrets of our ‘Heartbreak kid’ and the ‘Mr. Wrestle Mania’ are about to be exposed. You know who I am talking about, SHAWN MICHAELS! (Theme song plays). He is known to be one of the greatest wrestlers to walk the arena. Continue reading


WWE Wrestler Sting

Steve Borden with the ring name “Sting” is a well recognized and unique wrestler of WWE series. Wrestler Sting was well dubbed as “Franchise of WWE”. The career highlights of this super star hold remarkable achievements of the WCW World Champion, WCW Television Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion and United State Champion. Continue reading


Big show wrestler: The World’s Largest Athlete

When the concern surrounds info for the WWE Superstar Big Show the title “World’s largest athlete” automatically clicks in mind. The Big show wrestler is the first potential competitor to hold the titles of ECW World, WWE, WCW, World, World Tag Team, WWE Hardcore, United States Champion, World Heavy Weight Champion and Intercontinental Champion titles. Continue reading


WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Texas Rattlesnake

Steve Austin a blue collar wrestler for common man broke into the wrestling domain in Texas during 90’s era. With the achievements made during his wrestling career, he soon became the star of World Wrestling Federation with his revamping image as alias  “Stone Cold”. Continue reading


Dave Bautista: I Quit WWE

The theme song “I walk alone” plays and our unexpected champion Dave Batista walks into the hall of WWE after four long years, in an episode of RAW on aired on 20th of January 2014. Continue reading