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Tomorrow night marks the final pay-per-view of the year and the match on everyone’s minds is the Sheamus/Roman Reigns tussle for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. One could see this match coming from the very moment Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Sheamus to conclude last month’s below par and almost universally panned Survivor Series. It is not the most tantalising proposition in the world and you can be sure of the crowd, for good reason, to let their feelings be known and to turn on the match. Continue reading

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The Puzzling and Continued Irrelevance of Becky Lynch

During Paige’s worked shoot promo on the night after the night of the Night Of Champions back in September, she went into a virtual berating of the Diva’s Division, and in the course of the rant, briefly directed her attention to PCB teammate Becky Lynch. Lynch was condescendingly described as the “irrelevant” diva in the whole division and as sad as it is to admit, Paige was quite right. Even sadder, three months on and nothing has changed. Continue reading



After the first instalment of looking at a forgotten WCW classic, let’s have another blast from the past, this time in the form of a match between two talented and rising wrestlers on the way up– one in his first ever main event match; the other more or less at the beginning of his main event run – that rose above chaotic circumstances and mayhem only moments earlier in the night to work its way up to greatness without ever quite getting due accolades. Continue reading

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Flat Ending Typifies Predictable Survivor Series

Thankfully, the ISIS threat did not go ahead and everyone, the fans and the wrestlers, came out all intact. That may well have been the highest point of the night as this edition of Survivor Series was undoubtedly the most predictable pay-per-view ever and one of the most unmemorable Survivor Series events altogether. The predictability was well and truly reflected in the results: Continue reading

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Survivor Series 2015 – Predictions

What a night Survivor Series 2015 promises to be in just a few hours! Tonight of course marks the celebration of a grand milestone in the history of the WWE, the historic 25th anniversary of The Undertaker’s WWE debut. On a more sinister note however, there have been reports that the ISIS death cult has made an alleged threat to the show and all precautions are being taken.

Continue reading

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It has been decided that instead of focusing solely on the current and past happenings in WWE, which all of the previous articles – save for Jeff Jarrett – have been about, a different route is the order of today. Let’s go all the way back to 1999 and take a nostalgic look back at a match from WCW, an out-an-out forgotten classic featuring two of the all-time greats from the now defunct promotion. Continue reading

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Switching Roman Reigns Over to The Dark Side

There has been no character more divisive to the WWE audience, or any wrestling audience for that matter, in 2015 than Roman Reigns. The dissenters were already in place, albeit quietly, as the tide of opinion began to go against him for some time. One could notice the first noticeable signs of fan unrest occurring in the months following the break-up of The Shield, especially from late 2014 to early 2015, with the fans just waiting for their voices to erupt in full force against the notion that Reigns was in line for a monster push. It did not take long for that predicament to arise and when it did, it was nasty and brutal in the extreme. Continue reading

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SETH ROLLINS – The Worst Booked WWE World Heavyweight Champion Ever?

It all looked so rosy for Seth Rollins towards the end of March at WresteMania 31. History was made by having Rollins become the first Money in the Bank winner to make a cash in attempt at WrestleMania, while the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns was still in progress Continue reading

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The smoke has now cleared from the latest edition of Hell In A Cell and it was at the very most a middle of the road affair, a B-level pay-per-view more akin to a decent episode of Raw with some solid action along the way. Rather than go into all of the matches on the card, let’s take a look at the fallout from the three things that left the most lasting impressions on the night. Continue reading

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Brock Lesnar Must Defeat The Undertaker at HELL IN A CEL

Hell In A Cell looms large upon us and by far the most anticipated match, despite the lack of a great build, comes in the form of what should be the headlining hell in a cell match featuring two men whose rivalry dates back all the way back to 2002, Brock Lesnar’s groundbreaking rookie year. Continue reading