Brock Lesnar Must Defeat The Undertaker at HELL IN A CEL

Hell In A Cell looms large upon us and by far the most anticipated match, despite the lack of a great build, comes in the form of what should be the headlining hell in a cell match featuring two men whose rivalry dates back all the way back to 2002, Brock Lesnar’s groundbreaking rookie year. With this being the sixth and more than likely final chapter in a long-running story, it only makes sense to have it all end in the confines of Satan’s Structure, where they just so happened to have a previous hellacious battle at No Mercy 2002 for Lesnar’s WWE Championship in one of the most brutal and bloodiest hell in a cell matches ever contested, a match which also solidified Lesnar as a bonafide main eventer and very nearly sent The Undertaker into retirement.

brock lesnar vs the undertaker

Given the restrictions of the modern day PG Era – inappropriate in matches of this kind, when blood ought to be spilt to make the story that much more realistic – fans will not be expecting anything quite so violent this time around, but it should be an almost foregone conclusion that we will get yet another high quality match, something to stand comparison with their previous matches together. Certainly, on the other five occasions when they have battled, they have not disappointed in the slightest and Hell In A Cell should be no exception to the rule.


But regardless of what unfolds throughout the match, it is imperative that Brock Lesnar comes away with his hand raised in victory. Yes this would make Lesnar 5-1 in all of their matches together but it would be a most unthinkable prospect to have The Beast Incarnate lose two straight pay-per-view matches in a row. Should this occur, you would have to think that it would significantly weaken his aura of invincibility when considering the time and effort to build him up as an unstoppable wrecking ball tearing through the competition as if it were nothing. Indeed, Lesnar has been on arguably the most dominant run ever seen in professional wrestling history and it would be the wisest option to continue in this direction for the rest of his career, however long that may be. As well, a certain more amount of realism – alluded to above – needs to be shown. As great as The Undertaker has been for many many years, and there are very few wrestlers, past or present, who have his legendary status in the sport, it would just not look right to have a man recently turned 50, with a history of injuries accumulated in the last few years to the point where he has slowed right down to almost a hobble, defeat a former UFC champion, a real life tough guy and a man who would just about take down anyone on the roster in a real shoot fight. For those reasons among others, you can count on Lesnar winning.


Every long running rivalry of this magnitude deserves to have a fitting finale and if any two competitors were suited to deliver an epic ending, these are the two men who can be called upon to deliver exactly that.

Matthew Borg

I'm Matthew Borg, aged 28 from a small town called Moe in Victoria, Australia, been a wrestling fan for close to fifteen years, wrestled for two years and hope to get back into it again soon and I am here to voice my opinions, good and bad, about WWE.