Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns 2 is a horrible idea for Wrestle Mania 32

Let me preface this by saying I really like this years main event and I don’t necessarily hate Reigns.

But the idea for Reigns-Lesnar 2 at Mania is a horrible idea and that’s the most likely plan for Mania right now.

roman reigns vs brock

  1. Wrestlemania 32 is your biggest Mania ever. Lesnar is a draw but him against Regins is not gonna interest people. The idea of a huge mania and having your event being a big pop culture event will be hindered by this.
  2. You already have a great Lesnar-Reigns match. It was brutal and enjoyable. Both guys couldn’t probably top quality wise.
  3. The build up will feel more forced then Twice in a lifetime. Reigns winning the title and Lesnar winning the rumble seems redundant
  4. The best part of the last match was the unexpectedness of the Rollins cash in. We don’t have that or any moment that can match it this this time. Maybe a Reigns heel turn but that won’t happen.
  5. Lastly there’s no benefit in having either guy winning. If Lesnar wins there goes Reigns stock. If Reigns win he will never have a chance of being over and Lesnar, the best thing you have, becomes worthless.

Just trying to vent. What do you think?

via: Reddit user Mahmood


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  • Lonnie Bennett

    They should rebrand WWE to Carnival Wrestling. Their matches are dull, and thier wrestler actors need more training in order to make their characters believable. This programing is predetermined matches run by clowns.