To Haze OR not to Haze?

Hazing. A long controversial part of the locker room culture in all in wrestling that is looked at by insiders as a form of initiation rite, supposedly to determine which potential wrestlers have what it takes to make it in the business. To sort out the boys from the men and the girls from the women so to speak. Is that all there is to it? Or is there something more than meets the eye? Continue reading

wwe live from msg

The Undisputed Ratings for WWE LIVE from MSG!

Original Source: PG Kills WWE

I had no clue about the airing of this show until I randomly started seeing spoilers on Facebook. I should probably hire a guy that would remind me of these shows, because I’m getting increasingly bad with remembering dates. This is also one of the reasons why I have to sleep on the couch for the next three days or so, as I completely forgot my wife’s birthday last week. I guess it wasn’t as special as a WWE show from MSG! So let’s get to this! Continue reading

jeff jarrett

The Jeff Jarrett Legacy – Wrestling Legend OR Charlatan?

Mention the name Jeff Jarrett in the wrestling world and you will get conflicting opinions on the third generation grappler without being left in any two minds as to what the fans think. Half the people will tell you that he is a great wrestler, a wonderful, charismatic heat drawing villain and deserving of every single accolade he has accomplished. Continue reading

charlotte wins wwe divas title

Main Talking Points from Night of Champions 2015

Night Of Champions 2015 has come and gone and the event can be best described as a solid edition to the pay-per-view’s of 2015 without being great. Without going into a blow-by-blow rundown of every match, let’s instead look at the three contests with the most talking points that fans will already be debating about and what it might mean going forward.

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kurt angle wwe

Kurt Angle Deserves One Last Run In WWE

Kurt Angle, during his famed WWE career from 1998 up until his release in 2006, quickly launched himself to superstardom and became established as one of, if not, the greatest professional wrestler of all time, a legacy further enhanced, not diminished, by his years in TNA Wrestling, where he joined in September, only a month removed from his WWE departure, and where he remains to the present day.


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