WWE Bray Wyatt: The fame without the Game

Swinging back and forth on the rocking chair, holding a microphone in his hands, surrounded by a lamb masked patron- Yes, of course I am talking of WWE Bray Wyatt- The most off-kilter personality in the WWE, The chatterbox has earned great fame and has a way with talking. Continue reading


Randal Keith Orton: The Third-Generation Henchman of the Authority

Randy Orton, real name Randal Keith Orton descends from a pack of pioneer wrestlers, Bob Orton Sr. the grandfather, Bob Orton Jr., his father and Uncle Barry were the astounding names of WWE. Continue reading


Daniel Bryan: Evolution of the Legendary YES! movement

Talking of Daniel Bryan, well he kind of reminds me of Mr.Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia series, probably that’s why people also call him G.O.A.T, well that certainly doesn’t mean what it looks like, and actually it’s the contraction of Greatest of All Time. Continue reading


TOP 3 Reasons Behind Roman Reigns Being the Future of WWE

Roman reigns in his interview with the Busted Open Radio show was asked about the possibility of being the “Face” of the WWE in 2014 Continue reading


Dwayne The Rock Johnson: The Rock’s Inspiring New look Spotlighting The Ancient Hero Hercules

Who doesn’t know Dwayne The Rock Johnson? Everyone of course, but how many of you actually recognized him in his new film Hercules releasing 24th July, 2014? Continue reading


Mark Calaway: Dead or not dead? Mysterious Life of The Undertaker

Most competitive hero, the undefeated Undertaker real name “Mark Calaway” had always been under the spotlight, but the streak was soon over. Brock Lesner defeated The Undertaker getting the biggest victory of his WWE career. Continue reading


Paul Michael Levesque: When The Power of 3H Combines its Game ON Time

Time to play the game, Time to play the game, the music plays as Triple H roars inside the ring, the blood rushing through his veins, ready for combat Hunter Hearst Helmsley awaits his opponents establishing his dominion a total of thirteen times over a variety of the big name and becoming  the king of the kings. Continue reading


John Felix Anthony Cena: The looks, the Charm, the Hero

It’s not just the looks and the charms of the hero, it’s the hero’s complete personality that makes him just too adorable. He is our complete package of heroism and a perfect family guy. Hats off to Mr. P. Cena has earned great place in people’s hearts, the charisma is all over him. Continue reading