Flat Ending Typifies Predictable Survivor Series

Thankfully, the ISIS threat did not go ahead and everyone, the fans and the wrestlers, came out all intact. That may well have been the highest point of the night as this edition of Survivor Series was undoubtedly the most predictable pay-per-view ever and one of the most unmemorable Survivor Series events altogether. The predictability was well and truly reflected in the results:


Roman Reigns defeated Alberto Del Rio
Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens
The Usos, Lucha Dragons and Ryback defeated The New Day, King Barrett and Sheamus

Charlotte defeated Paige
Tyler Breeze defeated Dolph Ziggler
The Brothers of Destruction defeated The Wyatt Family
Roman Reigns defeated Dean Ambrose
Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Roman Reigns


Given what happened, a breakdown of every match would but would also be in a way self-defeating. Thus, four of the matches will be in the spotlight for varying reasons.


#1 The first match of the night turned out to be by a fair distance the best and adds to the collection of excellent matches Reigns has had this year and further silences the now decreasing critics who have slammed his in-ring work. And no matter how one-dimensional Del Rio’s character is, no one has ever questioned his technical ability between the ropes and this was no exception in a great way to kick things off on the right note.


#2 Charlotte quite rightly retained her title against Paige in a match that turned out to be a dull and lifeless affair, not coming anywhere near the type of intensity that needed to be shown after what went down on the go home episode of Raw. Just take the first move of the match as a prime example. With all the pent up anger on Charlotte’s end, you would have expected her to attack Paige with an absolute, uncontrolled fury; she instead went after Paige with a waistlock. Not surprisingly, the rest of the match was pedestrian and failed to get out of second gear for the entire fourteen minute duration. On its own, if looked at from a straight up wrestling standpoint it was a good enough match but when one considers the heated nature of the rivalry, it should have been a much more hard hitting bout than what we ended up with, another case of logic in the Diva’s Division being cast aside without any thought given to the process.


#3 The Brothers of Destruction and The Wyatt Family were not in the main event, instead serving as the penultimate match, questionable in itself seeing what was promoted as a major milestone in WWE history. This bout offered the only curveball (until another was thrown only minutes later after the conclusion of the main event) and you can’t help but think that this was yet another wasted opportunity for The Wyatt’s, especially Bray, to pick up that one big victory to really elevate him to the next level in terms of being a top villain in the company. Where does this loss leave Bray Wyatt and his followers now? Either they must gain traction now or risk being another talented but unfulfilled faction to fall by the wayside. Just ask The Nexus how they turned out.


#4 As for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament semi-finals and final, it was not the greatest shock in the world to see Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose get past Alberto Del Rio and Kevin Owens respectively to square off against each other in a clash of the former Shield guys and still allies. To no great shock, Reigns would win the match and become a first time champion. But Reigns barely had time to celebrate his victory when Sheamus, coming off a valiant loss earlier in the night when he was the last man from his team to be eliminated, came out to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, Reigns for the second time this year a victim of a cash-in. Ideally this would have been the moment to turn Reigns into a villain but maybe, just maybe this turn of events could be a blessing in disguise. Having Reigns screwed over might elicit the sympathy creative are looking for “The Powerhouse” so that his eventual proper triumph to the top have a much more powerful impact than otherwise would have been the case with a regulation win last night.

sheamus wwe champion

So there you have it from Survivor Series. We can only hope that things pick up significantly with next month’s TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs pay-per-view event to end the 2015 PPV calendar on a high. We shall wait to see in suspense.

Matthew Borg

I'm Matthew Borg, aged 28 from a small town called Moe in Victoria, Australia, been a wrestling fan for close to fifteen years, wrestled for two years and hope to get back into it again soon and I am here to voice my opinions, good and bad, about WWE.