List of Things WWE Used to Get Roman Reigns Over

Looking into it, it’s ridiculous what lengths the WWE has gone to to get the crowd to cheer for Roman. I’ll try list as much as possible, if I’ve missed anything, feel free to add.

roman reigns heel

  • Was always the hot tag in The Shield.
  • Rarely took the pinfall for The Shield.
  • Made “The Leader” during the Shield’s final days. Was the main focus of the Evolution/Wyatt’s feud.
  • Broke Survivor Series elimination record.
  • Broke The Rumble elimination record.
  • Retained all Shield likeness, including the entrance through the crowd. (ensures that it always looks like the crowd is into him)
  • Blatant use of Samoan heritage.
  • Got the rub from The Rock.
  • As above, exploited Dean Ambrose’s popularity.
  • Daniel Bryan begging us to like Roman.
  • Paul Heyman begging us to like Roman.
  • Always gets the stipulation matches, even if undeserved (eg HIAC, Seth/Kane made more sense to be in the cell).
  • Always get’s the cool spots on the show, while the rest of the card have to tone it down.
  • Using his own child for storyline purposes (Bray Wyatt)
  • Rehashing the Daniel Bryan underdog story
  • Now it seems like they want him to get the “USA pop” against the European stable of Sheamus and co.
  • Muting crowd responses

And to think, if all that effort was put into the rest of the roster…

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