Nakamura to WWE?

According to The Wrestling Observer, the contract of top ‪#‎NJPW‬ star‪#‎ShinsukeNakamura‬ will be an interesting one to watch as WWE has expressed interest in the 36 year old veteran, and his contract will be expiring in the coming months.


Nakamura has never had a run in the United States, and from a looks standpoint he fits the WWE bill as he is tall enough. Nakamura received big reactions from fans when he appeared in Ring of Honor, and that has intrigued him where a U.S. pro wrestling run is concerned.

Nakamura’s age could be an issue, however, as WWE typically doesn’t like to start a talent at his age, and the cases of James Storm and Samoa Joe are different as they are being used in NXT and not being considered for the main roster.

NJPW owner Takaaki Kidani in the past has said that the promotion may have to offer near seven figure deals to top guys like Nakamura to keep them from jumping ship, so it’s unlike Alberto Del Rio’s situation with AAA in which the company could not match WWE’s offer.

via: The SpotLight


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