wrestling games

Top 5 Wrestling Games

The hype for the wrestling games are increasing day by day. Mainly because when the people see their favorite wrestler’s roll and rumble in the ring it defiantly would excite any wrestling fan to experience the same thrill and adrenaline like their favorite celebrities do. Continue reading

how to cut weight for wrestling

How to Cut Weight for Wrestling?

Wrestling isn’t about huge body and bulky muscles but wrestlers also need agility. Being huge and bulky limits the wrestlers’ moves while possessing a lean and muscular body give them the advantage to perform their swiftly and briskly. Continue reading

wrestling workouts

Wrestling Workouts | Wrestling Workout Routine

Wrestling Workouts: A strong, agile and flexible body is wrestler’s treasure because if they can’t perform in the squared ring and most importantly not able to pick up their opponent and smash it on floor or sprain their ankles and wrists while punching and kickin’. Continue reading