Seth Rollins Must Leave Night of Champions With Both Titles

This just might be the most pivotal night in the fairly young but incredibly productive WWE career of Seth Rollins thus far. In a rare occurrence on pay-per-view, Rollins will be pulling double duty at Night Of Champions, defending two titles: firstly taking on John Cena for the United States Championship before facing Sting to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

There are a couple of ways as to how the flow of his two matches will go. One option is to have him go on in the last two matches back to back to show off his heart and resilience on the way to transitioning to a face, which would be a premature move considering the epic work he is doing as a heel.


The other, and more sensible way is to space out the matches and have Cena and Rollins battle it out in the opening match of the night in what promises to be a gruelling encounter, thus giving Rollins time to recuperate in time to wrestle in the main event.

There is of course the very real possibility of Rollins leaving the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas empty handed and there are legitimate reasons to why it may just pan out this way. John Cena had brought back long lost prestige to the U.S. Championship with frequent defences and consistent four-star matches on a weekly basis in the 147 days he held the title up until SummerSlam and can do so again.

Sting too could do with the victory as he has had only the one match in WWE, a head scratching loss to Triple H at WrestleMania 31, and it is hard to imagine the Stinger losing two matches in a row. And after a monumental career –one of the greatest and most decorated of all time – it would be a fitting reward for Sting to win the highest championship in a company which, until November of last year, he resisted to join ever since the closure of WCW in 2001.

But these are only the possibilities and in order for Seth Rollins to truly make his mark on the industry and ultimately be remembered as one of the great villains from the 2000’s onwards – if he is not regarded as such by now, he should be – the WWE must, for once, be brave enough to pull the trigger and have Rollins continue to be decorated with gold around each shoulder.

Should he be successful in defeating two bona-fide legends, and come away with both titles intact after what should be two more awesome matches to add to his wonderful canon of work, there will be shades of Chris Jericho defeating both The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night at Vengeance 2001 to become the first ever Undisputed (then) WWF Champion.

It really is the only way to go and would make for a great closing visual image. All the tools are in place for a memorable ending: it is now up to WWE to capitalise on a grand opportunity.

Matthew Borg

I'm Matthew Borg, aged 28 from a small town called Moe in Victoria, Australia, been a wrestling fan for close to fifteen years, wrestled for two years and hope to get back into it again soon and I am here to voice my opinions, good and bad, about WWE.