Survivor Series 2015 – Predictions

What a night Survivor Series 2015 promises to be in just a few hours! Tonight of course marks the celebration of a grand milestone in the history of the WWE, the historic 25th anniversary of The Undertaker’s WWE debut. On a more sinister note however, there have been reports that the ISIS death cult has made an alleged threat to the show and all precautions are being taken.

But at the moment, we have the good news that the show will go ahead as planned and the predictions are in so let’s take a look at how Survivor Series has the potential to unfold.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Semi-Finals: Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose & Alberto Del Rio vs. Roman Reigns

In an unfortunate occurrence, Seth Rollins had to vacate the title after suffering a torn right ACL, MCL and medial meniscus during a house show in Ireland in a match against Kane, sidelining him for around 6-9 months. His absence left the door open for a tournament to take place on Raw and out of that has emerged the two semi-final matches to determine who goes through to the final to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, almost in a throwback to the Deadly Games tournament at 1998’s Survivor Series. As a result, we could bare witness to perhaps the three most cracking matches on the card.

dean ambrose vs kevin owens

How will it all pan out? Both Del Rio and Owens already hold secondary titles, holding the United States and Intercontinental Championships respectively, and while it certainly is possible that either one of them could make it through to the Tournament final, Ambrose/Reigns is the match that has been waiting to happen ever since the splitting of The Shield, their first ever one on one encounter. This is the hardest bout to predict but it’s more likely that Reigns will come out on top to capture the company’s top title, even if it is still arguably about 6-10 months too soon.
Along the way, here awaits the perfect opportunity to turn Reigns heel (as has already been said just over two weeks ago) in the final image of the night, after winning with the assistance of The Authority and have him officially join the faction, in an almost identical fashion to how his cousin, The Rock, turned and joined The Corporation at the conclusion of Survivor Series seventeen years ago.


Semi-Final Predictions: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns
Tournament Final Prediction: Roman Reignsroman reigns heel


The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family
With the feud reignited between Bray Wyatt and Undertaker at Hell In A Cell, and more importantly, Undertaker’s milestone, this match right here needs to be nothing but the main event, elevated ahead of even the world title match. In a dream match of sorts, The Brothers of Destruction are set to make their first televised appearance as a tag team since 2013, and their first pay-per match dating all the way back to 2001’s Survivor Series, taking on Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman of The Wyatt Family and this should be thrilling from start to finish and another true highlight.

brother of destruction vs wyatt family

With the end almost certainly drawing close to Undertaker’s retirement and Kane himself not getting any younger, it is imperative that The Wyatt Family go over in this one. For all the talk of Bray Wyatt referring to himself as “The New Face of Fear”, here is the chance to have the torch passed in the best way possible with Wyatt pinning Undertaker clean in the middle of the ring after a Sister Abigail. This would mean that for once, Wyatt gets a career defining victory to finally back up his great rhetoric on the mic, the type of faith that should have been shown in him as far back as his feud with John Cena last year.


Having said that, a loss here will not in any way diminish Undertaker’s accomplishments, who will look strong in defeat as he always does, and as a company man through and through, he would have no issues in putting over the talent of tomorrow to help the WWE progress forward into the future.
Prediction: The Wyatt Family


WWE Diva’s Championship match: Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

Since the Diva’s Revolution started in July, the Diva’s Division this year has upped its game considerably from an in-ring standpoint and has delivered more good matches than we have seen in the past few years, especially in NXT, even if the booking has been as inconsistent and as nonsensical as ever, a long time weakness from creative when it comes to women’s wrestling in the WWE.
But the booking reached an absolute all-time low on the go-home episode of Raw. Charlotte made a brief reference to the death of Charlotte’s brother Reid Flair back in 2013, at the tragic young age of only 25 and touched on how much fight that she and her family have only for Paige to coldly respond, “Your little baby brother, he didn’t have much fight in him, did he?” To bring family tragedy into a storyline is one of the lowest acts imaginable and brought back uncomfortable echoes to long-time fans to the exploitation of Eddie Guerrero’s November 2005 death in several storylines for the next several months afterwards.
From what would have been a probable victory for Charlotte is now a near certainty that she will be retaining the title. Any other outcome will quite frankly be a disgrace of the highest order.
Prediction: Charlotte

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

This match sees the pay-per-view debut of Tyler Breeze, a narcissistic character very much in the mould of a heel Ziggler, who debuted on the main roster one month ago to the very day. Breeze had previously been booked all over the place the whole time he was in NXT without ever getting a consistent and clear direction despite his level of skill in the ring and undoubted charisma. The chances of him getting better treatment on the main roster seeing how big names in NXT, with a few exceptions, have floundered when elevated, is only a remote possibility, a shame given what he is capable of.


Ziggler too has had his troubles with creative. He finds himself for the umpteenth time put in another silly soap opera storyline; again involving Summer Rae just as in his feud with Rusev, and one must wonder what he has done to offend the head honcho’s to be continually shunted down the pecking order when he looks like breaking through the glass ceiling on the way to the main event.
But given enough time to work – say 8-12 minutes – a good to great match should unfold between two very talented wrestlers who work very similar styles, with newcomer Breeze needing the win more in order to build his credibility up as he begins his ascent up the main roster.
Prediction: Tyler Breeze


Traditional five-on-five Survivor Series elimination tag team match

The participants have not been announced and are unlikely to be so until after the event has begun so this is indulging in sheer speculation and this prediction for all intents and purposes could turn out to be totally wrong. But a wild guess would pit The Dudley Boyz, The Usos and Neville against the team of Stardust, The Ascension, Sheamus and King Barrett in the opening match to get the crowd fired up for what will come later.


Prediction: The babyfaces, whether it’s The Dudley’s, Usos and Neville or another combination


Should the ISIS threat prove to be nothing more than one sick and twisted hoax, Survivor Series 2015 will ultimately always be remembered as The Undertaker’s event, as well it should be. But this is not to say that Survivor Series will be solely defined by Undertaker’s landmark. Far from it. With the card the way it is, especially with an almost modern day version of a Deadly Games tournament taking place, a great evening is in store and a memorable night is what thousands of people will hopefully take away. Enjoy the show!

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