The Puzzling and Continued Irrelevance of Becky Lynch

During Paige’s worked shoot promo on the night after the night of the Night Of Champions back in September, she went into a virtual berating of the Diva’s Division, and in the course of the rant, briefly directed her attention to PCB teammate Becky Lynch. Lynch was condescendingly described as the “irrelevant” diva in the whole division and as sad as it is to admit, Paige was quite right. Even sadder, three months on and nothing has changed.

becky lynch

The Irish born beauty began her wrestling career at the very young age of only 15 and spent a fraction over ten years honing her craft on the independent circuit in her native Ireland as well as in England, Canada, Japan and the U.S. before arriving in WWE on a two year developmental deal in April 2013. Making her televised NXT debut in June 2014, Lynch almost immediately established herself as one of the brightest prospects on the brand, her wrestling skills and character catching on to the extent that after only a year and a couple of weeks later, she was elevated up to the main roster with great fanfare in July 2015 as part of Team PCB along with Paige and Charlotte, with the expectation that she would be one of the main players and a key cornerstone in a supposed revamp of the Diva’s Division. But in a not altogether surprising move, she has found herself left out in the cold and has not had much of a chance to showcase her wares on even a semi-regular basis. Through no fault of her own, women’s matches on the main roster for the most part still do not go for any great length of time; the typical television match would go no longer than five-six minutes tops, not giving Lynch the time needed to make a lasting impression and makes it all too easy for the fans to forget that she is one of the most talented wrestlers on the roster, period.


If ever there was proof needed of Lynch’s capabilities in the ring, let’s go all the way back to May 21, 2006 on the independent circuit where, under the name of Rebecca Knox and at the age of only 19, she faced off with Daizee Haze at the Volume 5 DVD tapings of Shimmer Women’s Athlete’s in a two out of three falls match. The two women went on to have a classic regarded as “probably the best women’s match seen on U.S. soil in years, if not ever” according to Shimmer promoter Dave Prazak. It is virtually impossible to disagree with that assessment and for anyone who can get their hands on the Volume 5 DVD, you will get 28 minutes of required viewing as a perfect example of how Shimmer Women’s Athletes understand how women’s wrestling should be portrayed.


We have seen all too often WWE’s major but flawed over-tendency to push female wrestlers who have the “look”, simply on the basis of being a model or coming from the fitness industry. Lynch may not have arrived from either background but she most definitely has the ravishing and marketable looks that WWE blatantly looks for when hiring women wrestlers, of that there is no doubt. But unlike the Bella’s or, in the past, Kelly Kelly, she also has the serious wrestling ability to be putting on great matches with anyone she gets in the ring with, a great commodity. Surely nothing can possibly be wrong with someone who so effortlessly combines the best of both worlds – looks and wrestling skills – into one total complete package?


Well, something is obviously wrong because while no one seems to know exactly what Lynch has done to be continually and criminally overlooked, there are a couple of hints that may give at least a partial clue. Apart from WWE’s over-reliance on pushing the same stars over and over again such as Paige and The Bella’s to the point of total boredom, WWE has very little to no regard for their superstars’ previous independent scene experience regardless of how great they were and try to mould them into wrestling the WWE style, in the process greatly taking away from what got them noticed in the first place and alas, we only get to see glimpses of how awesome they must have been elsewhere, without all the limitations imposed upon them in the big leagues. And Lynch has been another victim of this process.


For the majority of an increasingly bored audience begging for the Diva’s Division to go through a renaissance that has overpromised and under-delivered, Lynch needs to be at the very forefront of the Division and a regular in the quest for the Diva’s Championship. At only 28, there is still time for her to prove to the creative team that she is not on the roster for the sole purpose of making up the numbers because with every single attribute at her disposal, she could one day be thought of as one of the greatest women’s wrestlers ever. The viewers who tune in to watch the main shows and pay-per-views deserve to see the very best of Becky Lynch. Otherwise the fans in Shimmer Women’s Athletes and at Full Sail University for the NXT tapings will have had that privilege.

Matthew Borg

I'm Matthew Borg, aged 28 from a small town called Moe in Victoria, Australia, been a wrestling fan for close to fifteen years, wrestled for two years and hope to get back into it again soon and I am here to voice my opinions, good and bad, about WWE.