Things Roman Reigns Needs to Do to Win You Over

Turn him heel – the most obvious solution. Turn the X-pac head into real heel heat, then he gets over, turn him face organically.


Play to his strengths, not weaknesses – give him a mouthpiece, a silent persona, or another round of promo lessons. But stop trying to get him over as the relatable nice guy because he’s stiff, and not JBL stiff. Porno actor stiff. His promos expose him the worst.

roman reigns

Change gimmick entirely – trickiest and most unnecessary. Tweak his attire, change his theme, quit with the stupid ass cocking the arm like a rifle. Change his moves up.


LOSE MATCHES – this is the easiest and I think the most effective thing they could do. Without clean losses, there are no stakes. If he can’t lose, there’s no drama. We already know the outcome. Why should we give a shit.


DBry got over jobbing, getting in shitty side feuds (joining the Wyatts, yuck), being on a comedy tag team. But we genuinely believed in him and got behind him. Just like Cesaro. It doesn’t matter if he wins or loses. He seems so legit that we will continue pulling for him.


Let Reigns put over some others. We need heels, Roman can be the conduit with which to build them. Let Rusev get over on him in a near loss. Over guys can take more losses, because they’re protected by being beloved. But it starts with shedding the belief that Roman Can’t Lose.


50/50 booking (for everyone but Roman) is killing everyone and is the reason that the WHC scene is a ghost town.


Another good example: I and many others are way into Sasha Banks. Sasha has lost clean only once since first getting the NXT Women’s Championship. She has lost clean none on the main roster. But the losses she got were believable and booked against credible odds. There was no telegraphing the odds against her. Plus, she’s a heel, so cheating is often an option. BUT I go into every match so worried that she might lose. She pulls it out most of the time, and fuckyeahSashawins. If she lost, you think I’d lose interest in her? Absolutely not. I’d be all about her revenge/redemption.


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